Looks like the flare has peaked. Peak 0.1-0.8 nm X-ray flux was X1.27 on 29.03.2023 at 02:33:00 UTC

Starting April 15, only those who pay $8 per month for Twitter Blue will have their tweets recommended to others via For You. But is it really "for you" if your algo feed is full of people who paid to be there? pcmag.com/news/soon-only-twitt

Magnitude: 6.1 Intensity:
Details: 2023-03-28 JST 18:21:00
Location: 青森県東方沖 (Off the east Coast of Aomori Prefecture)
Map: jma.go.jp/bosai/map.html
#EarthQuake #Quake #Japan

Apple has reportedly threatened to take action against staff who don't come into the office at least three days a week. pcmag.com/news/apple-reportedl

We just found out the Texas Observer is shutting down this week. Unfortunately, we found out via our friends at @texastribune.

It's been an absolute pleasure interacting with everyone in the Fediverse as the Texas Observer, and we'll miss you.

(Edit: We're not dead yet! There's life in this old pub still. See update at: texasobserver.social/@TexasObs )

Oh wow, Texas Observer quickly distinguished itself as the having the best presence on the Fediverse of any US news organization. I am sad to see it shut down.


It's been like 19 years but I still remember Telia's Dial-Up internet number: 901 0205, 0 901 0205 before the 2003 dialing codes change. Still remember the DTMF tones for it too.

Yesterday at the speech contest as I was listening to the announcements I had the same effect I observed when I was in Germany last year - I only needed a translation to verify I got everything right. German is my third language after Estonian and English.

Turkey invading the NHK again, this time on 15285 kHz. Fortunately upper side band of 15290 appears usable.

Sometimes it sure feels as if personal responsibility and zero responsibility are synonymous in this society.

Whoever is running an OTH radar on 31 meters, blocking reception of NHK on 9490 kHz, やめてください!

NORAD says it detected an unidentified radar track over south central #Texas today and launched aircraft to investigate the situation, which identified a small airborne object as likely a hobbyist Pico balloon.

Soooo I’ve been down with #COVID19 now for 18 days and counting. That in spite of five vaccinations and a five-day course of #Paxlovid.

I did finally test negative three days ago, but I still have almost no stamina. Even sitting at a desk for more than about half an hour leaves me dizzy and weak. And I still am running a low fever.

Oh, the joys of being chronically ill during a pandemic. #CovidIsNotOver #corona #coronavirus

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