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For those of you who are armchair-chasing/following the events in MS/AL today, please take a look at my new application that I am currently Beta-testing to see photos, videos and tweets along with tornado reports etc as they appear:


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One of my favorite images of the year, Piestewa Peak getting hit with a lovely lightning strike, is now on my online gallery. Use code "winter2022" for a discount, or a better one as a new member! gallery.mikeolbinski.com/wareh

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Ausserhalb der USA werden Tornados mangels öffentlicher Sensibilisierung und Aufklärung offenbar immer noch stark unterschätzt - nicht nur in Europa wie dieses Beispiel zeigt. 🌪

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Surveillance camera captured the moment when the 2019 Kaiyuan EF4 tornado cut across the Jingha Highway, an 18-wheeler was blown down and thrown into the field for dozen yards, driver suffered from serious injury but luckily survived.

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Autre vue des qui ont touché Djeddah en Arabie Saoudite hier. Il est tombé 246 mm en 10 heures avec un pic d'intensité de 900 mm/h sur un court instant.
Vidéo via @Pak_Weather@twitter.com

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